Fireball Pro


Fireball Coatings have the highest SiO2 content on the market. Not only are they the highest, but they are a combination of 5 types of Si and SiO2 raw materials (Talon has 6 types).

Car Waxes

Highest quality waxes that make your vehicle shine like new.


The finest car detailing products available for your beloved vehicle.


A wide range of interior detailing products for the most discerning car owners


A selection of wheel & tyre products to keep you looking good on the road.

High Si02 • Dual Bonded • Titanium Protection • Hardshell

Ceramic coating offers much more than traditional surface protection provided by various types of waxes, polishes etc. Ceramic paint protection is a durable product utilising the chemical Si02 or variations of this applied to the prepared surface which results in the creation of an additional ‘nano coating’ giving a much greater hardness, gloss and hydrophobicity.

“Incredible results! My car looks better than when I bought it new. …and now it is protected too”

Brittany Flannery