Foamee/Fireball Snow Foam Cannon Pack


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Foamee Cannon V2


  • Suitable for detailing (car, truck, RV, boat), outdoor cleaning (concrete, tiles, bricks), and commercial cleaning (restaurant kitchens, signage).
  • 1 year warranty
  • Durable and adjustable brass head that won’t rust
  • Bottle thread that won’t strip
  • Wide base bottle that won’t tip over
  • Best used with 12-20ml of Fireball snow foam detergent. Don’t waste money on diluted snow foam!
  • Usable with any brand pressure washer
  • 1L bottle capacity
  • Max. 3200 psi – 10L/min

Product Description

Shoot a super thick coating of foam with the Foamee foam cannon attached to your pressure washer and watch all of that dirt, dust and grit wash away from your car. There’s no better option for a more effective (or fun) pre-wash that breaks down and softens the dirt particles, protecting your car from micro-scratches and swirl marks.

The front adjustable nozzle on the snow foam cannon allows you to tailor your spray to pinpoint stream or to wide angle fan for maximum coverage. The stubby bottle design prevents it from tipping over and the plastic thread means the bottle will never be stripped from repeated use (a major problem found with all other cannons). Best of all, the amount of detergent needed? Just 20ml.

Once you’ve covered your ride completely, let the foam sit and do its work for five minutes before rinsing it off. For really dirty jobs, you can foam your car once more and begin scrubbing with your sponge or mitt for a super easy and thorough clean.